SYSTEMIC sponsors ALFI's Risk Management conference 2019

17 May 2019
Managing Director

Luxembourg has always been at the forefront of risk management developments in the investment management sector. This is not only due to the large size of Assets which are domiciled in the country, it is most importantly a consequence of the maturity that has been achieved by Luxembourg's market. At SYSTEMIC we speak to different markets accross the world, and we are often surprised by the differences we encounter even in sophisticated markets, in their perceived necessity for proper risk management affecting each firm's and market's future. In this context, Luxembourg's regulator (CSSF) and the European regulator (ESMA), are heavy influencers of other regulators not only in hte EU but also in Asia and in the U.S.

At SYSTEMIC we have been firm beleivers and heavy promoters of the (constantly evolving) best practises in risk management, for just over two decades. Our aim has always been to make risk management accessible to all market players, including large and small, sophisticated or not. In htis context we participate as much as we can by sponsoring and/or speaking to such efforts taking place worldwide. ALFI's annual Risk Management conference is obviously a prime example of such events, so this year we participate as sponsors. The event will take place next week on Thursday, 23 May, where risk management professionals from across Europe will meet in Luxembourg to compare notes on forward-looking risk management.

A discussion on the emergence of risks in the digital age is at the top of the agenda, followed by an assessment of the risk management practise beyond the investment management sector, and trends outside of Europe. In the afternoon, four paralel streams will address hands-on issues faced today by risk management professionals, followed of course by important regulatory developments as these always play an important role in the present landscape.

More details about this event can be found on ALFI's website.

We hope to see you there!


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