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Aegean Baltic Bank

Alpha Bank

Alpha Finance

Alpha Life

Alpha Trust

Association of Greek Cooperative Banks

ATG Fund Services

CF Fund Services

DECA Investments

Eurobank Equities

European Reliance

EUROXX Securities

Hellas Direct

Hellenic Asset Management

HPMF Asset Management




Metlife Mutual Fund Company

Minetta Insurance

NP Insurance

Optima Bank

Piraeus Securities

Syneteristiki Insurance

What our clients say about us

Synthesis SICAV SIF
“SYSTEMIC provides us with the technology and the services we need for our risk management activities, the valuation of alternative asset classes and the administration of all of our funds. Our decision to partner with SYSTEMIC was particularly influenced by their level of expertise, a fact clearly reflected in the design of their systems, and by the impressive track record they have as solution providers to major financial institutions around the world.”
Spyros Papadopoulos, Founder and Chairman of the Board of SYNTHESIS SICAV-SIF (Luxembourg)
Management Plus
“Risk Management Services is a core component of our offering, one that goes way beyond compliance and regulatory requirements. Our decision to partner with SYSTEMIC was based on its deep expertise and proven track record across different regulatory regimes. Moreover, the fact that SYSTEMIC has developed its own software gives us additional flexibility, as it enables us to offer our clients bespoke solutions, perfectly tailored to their exact needs”.
Antonio Thomas, Chairman of the Board of MPL Management (Luxembourg) SA