Elaboration of Risk Management Process

The structure of the Risk Management Process (RMP) provided by SYSTEMIC is fully compliant with regulatory guidelines, and addresses the governance and organization of the Risk Management Function, as well as the quantitative determination and monitoring of all risks which are relevant to a particular portfolio.

Main Features

Service description

This service contains your fund’s most basic statement on financial risk identification and management. It is designed to be a living document and is expected to endure. However, the management of risk is an evolutionary process and, therefore, the Risk Committee  may issue supplemental bulletins to clarify or update the core policies according to changes in the market place together with new product and technological developments. Our risk management experts will ensure that the Risk Policies will always be complete and current.

Typical sections of the RMP document include (depending on the type of the fund):

  • The Risk Management Process
    • Risks Identification
    • Risk Measurement & Management for each identified type of risk
    • Limits Setting
    • Limits Compliance mechanism
  • Governance & Organization of the Risk Management function 
    • Organization chart 
    • Governance structure 
    • The Risk Management function
    • The Risk Committee
    • The Risk Management representative
    • Independence of the Risk Management function
    • Risk taking personnel
    • Risk control responsibilities