PRIIPs KID Reporting

PRIIPs KID is a mandatory and standardized disclosure document, designed to provide essential and important information about the product to the retail investors about the risk and rewards. The regulation applies to all manufactures and financial intermediaries who distribute “Package Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products” to be invested by retail clients.

Main Features

PRIIPs KID module of RiskValue™ provides an integrated software solution for data collection, calculations, monitoring, and generation of reports according to regulation.

More specifically, PRIIPs KID is an add-on module of the following software systems of RiskValue™ platform (Fund Management or Financial Risk Management) and provides:

  • Maintenance of primary & derived information required for KIDs by users either through system forms or using predefined excel spreadsheets
  • Narrative data editor and KIDs preview
  • Parameterization and customizations where needed for each PRIIP
  • Calculations of KID indicators (SRI, performance scenarios and costs) and report preview
  • Simulation of calculations for testing of KID indicators through user defined calculation profiles (official/non-official data)
  • Versioning according to PRIIPs regulation for KIDs publication
  • No limit on calculations frequency, number of investment funds and KIDs production
  • KIDs extraction in PDF and hosting on application server for direct links from companies’ web sites
  • Multi-language parallel support on KIDs generation
  • On going execution of performance scenarios
  • Reports distribution and mail notifications for new documents publication