Systemic's systems and services help you improve day-to-day management of your business, whilst meeting all performance-related goals. Systemic is here to help you determine how to integrate highly efficient and adaptable business models with non-flexible legacy IT systems, without having to sacrifice visibility or ease-of-use.

Wealth Managers

Investment Management - Benefit icon
Wealth portfolio managers, be them small or large, have to continuously address a number of post-trade challenges, such as the consolidation of...

Investment Funds

Fund Administration - Benefit icon
Today the fund management business has become more complicated and demanding than ever. Alternative asset classes, complex financial instruments,...


Treasury Back-Office - Benefit icon
The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) brings banking institutions before some major technological and operational overhaul. As part of...
Custody & Clearing - Benefit icon
The rapid developments in the financial and banking industry generate investment opportunities worldwide. Custody banks need to be ready to...


Own Funds Investment Management - Benefit icon
Managing the Asset side of an insurance company’s balance-sheet entails the proper setup and maintenance of investment managers’ transactions,...


Clearing Operations - Benefit icon
The latest technological developments in e-trading have forced intermediaries to consider investing an IT infrastructure that can communicate with...

Other Key Benefits